Hello fellow travelers, titles and ranks are of little value here.  I much like you, am a reminder of existence, a testament to life.  This is where I stood,  eternity soaring ahead and stretching behind.

My altruistic goals for this blog are to fulfill two vacuums that I have perceived in interacting with my peers.

Firstly to advance a love of moments.  To revel in the magnitude of momentum.  The weight of moments are precious indeed.

Secondly, I plan to espouse distilled philosophical content, primarily in the context of short narratives or poetry on a variety of different topics and scenarios.  I have crafted these “reflections” from the lives of myself and the people I care about.

I often feel disregarded, misinterpreted, and overlooked.  Perhaps if I open myself to the world, the world will reciprocate.

If nothing else, I hope you leave this laboratory of mind feeling invigorated, for you have a long trek ahead.

Tread carefully and have a safe trip,



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